Leo Gallo

Posted on March 23, 2013

Leo Gallo Extravaganza

Leo Gallo


SAY what you will about LEO GALLO, the 25-year old has an unshakable belief in himself and in his music. A performer since the age of 3, he has traveled the world singing and dancing in pursuit of his dream. He is classically trained in modern dance and has recorded and worked with music pioneers such as producer David Foster, songwriter and lyrical genius Diane Warren, and one of the greatest producers of all time Quincy Jones.

Leo Gallo was born in Chico, California, and raised on a heavy diet of pop/soul music and dancing.  “Ever since I can remember I would put on my favorite records and sing and dance along to Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder. These were the voices that kept me company.” Leo had good taste in friends, because it was the many hours of singing and dancing to those classics that would give Leo the vocal vocabulary and undeniable ability to reach the world with his voice.

Leo recalls “I always knew that it would be music that would take me around the world.” In 2001 he joined Youth Asylum, a multi-racial singing group where he honed his skills performing in front of thousands of adoring fans. Leo not only had a wonderful voice, but also a tremendous natural ability for dancing and it was actually this skill that would lead Leo to future success. As a graduate of the prestigious CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). Leo had a chance to travel the world. He has performed and lived in Korea, Barcelona and Japan.

His soulful vocals is what you notice first. Combined with electronic-laden sounds and high octane beats, Leo has forged a musical style he can rightly claim as his own. Leo’s songs defy genre and cross aural boundaries.

In 2012 Leo started working on material for his upcoming solo debut album. His first single, “Extravaganza” (Universal/4th Sun), was released in 2012.  The single, a re-worked of the Kanye West written song was recorded in Los Angeles.

2013 promises to be a special year for Leo Gallo as he takes his unique musical offerings to the world.